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Welcome to Malta 

   Malta offers you:

  • The possibility of paying less tax
  • A Mediterranean lifestyle
  • Plenty of history 
  • Good weather and a central location to base your yacht or plane
  • A well educated workforce
  • A sound democratic, legislative and financial services framework
  Malta is:
  • An EU member state
  • A great place to base your home and business
  • Strategically located in the centre of the Mediterranean Sea - it is only 93km South of Sicily and 288km North of Libya


Property and you




Are you buying, selling or renting a house in Malta? Thinking of ways to protect your property and other investments?

If so, you will want to have proper safeguards in place. After all, dealing with property is likely to involve the biggest financial transactions you will ever make.

We keep up to date with the frequent changes in the law and give you all the help you need!